Breathe is a guest blog post written on Serein by Nitesh. The article is the result of years of personal experience with Yoga using breath and of scientific studies that have studied the impact of conscious breathing on the mind. Serein is reimagining how Indian businesses can build open and inclusive workplaces. They team of[…]

Effort – Is the result a success or a failure?

  This blog is Part 3 of a 4 Part Series to make Meditation part of our daily lives. Our eight month old daughter has recently learnt how to stand up using a support. She puts one hand on any object of height, comes on to her knees, puts the other hand on the support[…]

What is your sankalpa (Intention)?

  Most of us have taken atleast one plane ride during our lifetime. During safety instructions announcements we are reminded that in an emergency situation please put your oxygen mask first then help a child put on an oxygen mask. Most of us are very giving in nature and are supporting someone either emotionally or[…]