Episode 5: The Mindful Entrepreneur: Dr. JM Sampath

About Dr. Sampath Dr. JM Sampath is a Management Thinker, Author of several books and a Mindful Entrepreneur.  A quintessential learner, Dr. Sampath is an ardent practitioner of enabling learning and transformation through stories and parables. Over the last 24 years, he has successfully leveraged the power of stories and parables in coaching global leaders[…]


  The pillars of any society are deep rooted in it’s value system and virtues. It is through these values, a strong and long-lasting foundation is developed, which helps the society grow, stand test of time and wither storms. Each society tries to create a value system that will be core of it’s individuals, families,[…]

Episode 3 – Unani Medicine: An Introduction Dr. Mohammed Zulkifle

    The current podcast unravels Unani Medicine, an ancient and traditional system of medicine. Listen to Dr. Mohammed Zulkifle to understand what Unani is, its origins, its fascinating journey from Egypt to India several centuries ago and how it is now an established system of medicine under AYUSH. Dr. Mohammed Zulkifle is Director-in-charge of National Institute[…]