The Compassion of Draupadi: Srimad Bhagavatam


Last month, the brother of a man shot dead in his own apartment by a Dallas police officer said he forgave the shooter before embracing her in court. The story of Compassion, Empathy and open-heartedness is not so common in today’s world.

Here is the powerful video in the court! 

Today was the first day of our 4-day series on modern-day take on Srimad Bhagvatam by Dr. Ramya Neelemegham. In her introduction of one of the most revered Puranas, Srimad Bhagavatam, she shared the story of Draupadi – her compassion, her forgiveness and of her seeing the pain of another mother.

Draupadi’s five sons were killed in sleep by Ashwathama – the son of her husbands’ teacher, Dronocharaya. Ashwathama was captured by Arjuna and he brought Ashwathama to Draupadi, before being executed.

Draupadi demanded that Ashwathama immediately be released because he was Brahamana – a complete being. He was also the representative of Dronacharaya, so he was representing her husbands’ teacher. Finally, and most importantly, Draupadi – didn’t want Ashwathama’s mother to go through the same suffering she went through so she demanded that Ashwathama be released and not be killed.

If you could picture this scene – how would that be for you. I will leave that upto our imagination!

Have I been in similar situations before – Yes, will I be in similar situations in the future – Yes! We carry our grudges forward, increasing our baggage – but there is so much freedom in forgiveness and moving on.

The stories of Bhagavatam as described by Dr. Neelamegham are progressive. Most importantly – she says that Bhagvatam is the nectar of the Vedas and all other ancient Indian scriptures – it’s the sweetest of the juice that comes out of the fruit – presenting the most relevant of stories – the most applicable of stories in our day to day life that help us not just be Happy but be better version of ourselves – the more honest ones.

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