Why Breathe?

Over the years I have noticed that my mood/body tends to get impacted by moon cycles. The correlation between mental health and lunar cycle has been explored for many centuries – yet no consensus has come up as to why and what may cause it. We just know it may impact us in one way or the other.

In the Ashtanga tradition we don’t practice Asanas on moon days – pooranmashi and amavasya. There are many things in the world that are beyond our understanding and – this may be one such thing but many have been trying to make sense of it. Here is an article which talks about more in detail on what may be happening.


Irrespective of what all this is – the main idea is that we should be aware of our body and it’s sensations. In modern terms we call it Mindfulness – and with this awareness, we can learn to make changes in our life that are positive and impactful.

We are acutely aware that we need to eat because our mind has been trained to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner or eat at other times even though we may not be hungry. But have we really trained our mind to listen to what else is the body saying?

When our body needs physical exercise – do we listen to it or ignore those signs? When our mind needs some quiet time – do we give it that?


It’s important to realise all these are all the faculties of brain that need to be trained – Yoga is one way we do. To begin just close your eyes and breath deeply a few times – you will notice the calmness and see a way to communicate to your body!

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